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Learn about the FDA’s ASCA (Accreditation Scheme for Conformity Assessment) Program and how to save time in your submission process. This is an opportunity for manufacturers to learn more about the overall program, processes and areas that they should be aware of.

Key takeaways:

- What is the ASCA Pilot Program?
- What are the benefits of working with an ASCA-accredited testing laboratory?
-What are ASCA-accredited testing lab responsibilities?
- What is an ASCA Summary Test Report and how is it different from traditional test reports from testing labs?
- How can manufacturers participate in the ASCA Pilot Program?
- How do manufacturers prepare pre-market submissions which use the ASCA Pilot?
- Where do I find additional FDA ASCA resources?

Who can benefit from this recording:

Regulatory Affairs Professionals and Management
Quality Professionals and Management
Design & Development Engineers
Compliance Engineers
Medical Device Executives
In Vitro Diagnostic Executives
Test Engineers
Test Laboratories
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