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College is different from high school and high school equivalency classes in so many ways. Because you either pay for or receive financial aid for the classes you take, the pressure is on to pass all of your classes and learn as much as you can. For many people, a college degree is the pathway to a career. But what are collegeclasses really like?

You're expected to be an independent learner, find help when needed, complete all assignments on time, according to their specifications. How much reading is required? What kinds of assignments are given? What happens if you miss classes or arrive late? Are professors strict? How are grades calculated? What strategies do college students use to be successful?

We will learn about the expectations in college classes by reading a course syllabus. This is the document professors give to students that describe the assignments, expectations and class policies. You will refer to your course syllabus over and over throughout every semester, so it is important to know how to read it and interpret the information. ​We will also talk about common expectations that professors have of students, and that students have of each other.

CUNY Adult Literacy Program
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