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EdTech Austria, ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Hong Kong partnered with InvestHK and the platform Esperanza for an August 30, 2021 webinar to explore opportunities in educational technologies (EdTech). Learn about the EdTech ecosystems in Austria and in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay area. Meet some of the innovators and connectors.

00:00:00 Franz Roessler, Head, ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Hong Kong
00:03:50 Dr. Winghin Chung , Head, InvestHK Berlin
00:06:02 Hannes Aichmayr, Manager, EdTech Austria
00:16:25 Rachel Chan, Co-founder, Esperanza
00:29:25 Ernest Chan, CEO, AESIR
00:34:00 Sergiu Ardelean, CEO, Artivive
00:44:05 David Tait, Founder & Executive Chairman, Mandarin Matrix
00:52:02 Susanne Klepsch, MeetFox
00:52:50 Anna Iarotska, CEO, Robo Wunderkind
01:00:53 Lavine Helmani, CEO, Xccelerate
01:13:01 Herman Tse, Head , Business and Professional Services, InvestHK
01:16:30 Rachel Chan, Co-founder, Esperanza
01:19:01 Janos Barberis, Co-Founder, SuperchargerVentures
01:22:42 Brian Tsui, Partner, Cataliize
01:26:27 Q&A
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