[Webinar] Capella in the preliminary design of the micro launcher ENVOL

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Discover why Capella has been chosen by CT Ingenierie and its partners, and how it has been deployed for guaranteeing the correct coordination between teams, requirement following, and for a rigorous description of the sub-systems developed by their partners.

CT Ingenierie is involved in the ENVOL project (European Newspace Vertical Orbital Launcher). Developing a small launch vehicle enabling cheap, frequent, and flexible access to the Low Earth Orbit.

What is project ENVOL?
The EU-funded ENVOL project intends to establish the first European commercial, competitive and green launch service.

The project will designate an innovative and industrial low-cost launch system, then demonstrate and advance crucial launcher technologies to guarantee market preparedness and competitiveness, then prepare a business plan and identify the institutions able to attract investments.
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