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Hacking to Save Democracy: What Technologists Need to Know About Election Administration

No technology is more consequential to democracy than election technology. When it's done well, election technology undergirds democracy and ensures that even the losers of elections respect the result. When it's done poorly, trust in democracy erodes and even the most powerful countries are shaken to their cores.

Time to panic? No, it’s time to roll up our sleeves!

Where others might despair, we see a golden opportunity! At no other time in our history have so many Americans of all political stripes been so focused on election integrity. We want security-minded, tech-savvy people of all genders, races, creeds, and political stripes to step up. And if we’re going to lower the temperature and bolster public confidence in election integrity, it’s critical to understand how elections are actually run, and how election technology is used. Election administration is a complex profession limited by law, policy, and specific practices.

Whether you’re new to election security, or an experienced practitioner, this presentation is a snapshot of the operating environment for election technology. Our goal is to help you learn what to anticipate, and how best to apply your technology skills in defense of democracy. Together, we can enhance election integrity and help to ensure that accurate information gets widely shared, and misinformation does not.

Speaker Biography - Eddie Perez
Eddie Perez is the Global Director of Technology Development & Open Standards for the Open Source Election Technology Institute. He is a principal liaison to the TrustTheVote Project's election officials' stakeholder community.

Eddie has a wealth of expertise in election systems design, implementation, security, usability, and standards. A veteran of the commercial election technology industry, he formerly served as director of product management for one of the three major voting systems vendors in the Now, Eddie utilizes his skills to drive open source voting technology design, as well as federal and state certification for open source technologies, and voter education initiatives.

Eddie is a regular contributor to media outlets from MSNBC news to Fox News, including The Washington Post, Associated Press, and POLITICO, to name a few. He is also an NBC News contributing elections analyst on topics of technology, practices, security, and public policy.

Eddie speaks to policy leaders on election technology and administration, and has given testimony to several agencies and government bodies including the Election Assistance Commission and The National Conference of State Legislatures.

Eddie is co-inventor of two patents in voting technology.

Edward is on Twitter at @eddieperezTX with contributions via @OSET and @TrustTheVote
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