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I am currently making interviews with acquaintances whom I follow as BIM experts.

This podcast series is useful for students and educators at university, for everyone who is working in the AECO industry, architects and construction companies to start implementing BIM workflows, or anyone looking for a new BIM Manager in their organization.

On August 19, 2021, I had a great opportunity to have an interview with Peter Knight. He is BIM Manager at Denton Corker Marshall in Melbourne, Australia and Senior tutor in architecture at RMIT University.

He was also my teacher at RMIT when I was second year bachelor student in architecture. It was great to catch up with him again and discuss more about our current industry, education and technologies.

"The industry is past the crossroad, the industry fully adopted BIM, everybody is pushing forward with it in Australia."

Let us hear from Peter about his BIM experiences and thoughts.

Special thanks to Peter for this great interview, and we are looking forward to seeing your contributions to our community!

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