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Ventures Onsite - GCC MEGA PROJECTS - Webinar Replay

There is no region in the world that has more ambitious real estate development plans as we see in the GCC.

From living museums to the world’s tallest buildings, futuristic cities, theme parks and multi-year visions –Mega Projects in this region have fuelled the development of construction the industry here for more that 2 decades – stimulating significant investment in the region for building related services, the manufacture of building materials and construction.

We’re now seeing positive signs for recovery throughout the entire region, and in this webinar we take a look at the mega project activity throughout the region to try and paint a picture of what is expected in the future. What’s moving forward and what’s moving slowly.

Mega projects take time to design and plan and so it’s important we understand both the scoop and the status of these projects.

Hosted by: Phil Higgins and Mibu John
Special Guests from AESG: Norman McComb and Nivine Issa
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