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The pandemic changed the way we perceive work, employee engagement, and employee experience, job satisfaction. With Work-From-Home becoming the “new normal”, an essential part of adapting to the global pandemic to stay relevant was modifying our work policies to take care of the wellbeing of the organization and its employees.

In order to reinforce the commitment to the employees’ wellbeing, the first step is to analyze the current major challenges HR is bound to face.

In this webinar, our guest speaker, Alec Bashinsky, helps HR professionals identify the challenges they are yet to face, how to apply their learnings to navigate these problems, how to realign your people operations and business priorities and much more.

Key Takeaways From the Webinar:

1. Analyze current problems HR might face
2. How to prepare for the “new normal”
3. How to apply new learnings
4. How to reinforce the commitment to the employees’ wellbeing

Key Moments in the Video:

0:22 - Introduction by Partha Neog (Host)
2:30 - About the Poll
3:15 - Outline of Webinar by Alec Bashinsky
3:52 - Preparing for the New Normal Work Environment
4:36 - Business Transformation Everywhere
7:15 - Dealing with the New World of Talent
9:15 - Poll 1
10:38 - The Big Reset in HR: New Operating Model
12:54 - Poll 2
14:47 - Hybrid Work Model - Six Principles
19:40 - Changes Role for Management - Management Philosophy Has Changed
21:51 - Human-Centered Leadership
22:55 - The Talent Marketplace Arrives
24:24 - A New Look at Employee Experience: Going Back to Work
25:18 - The Irresistible Organization: A Complete Employee Experience
26:09 - Poll 3
28:24 - Wellbeing Lands in the Board Room
29:29 - Reinventing the Role of HR
29:43 - The Role of HR has Changed
31:48 - Developing HR Capability: The “Full Stack” HR Professional
32:39 - About Josh Bersin Academy
34:00 - Q & A
55:40 - Conclusion

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