Tozient S9 Ergonomic Chair

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Imagine, sitting on an inappropriate chair all the time when working every day, what kind of burden will it bring to us if we hunched over for a long time? Shoulder and neck pain, lumbar discomfort, and may even cause lumbar muscle strain. Don't let these questions bother you anymore. Now we have the solution - the ergonomic chair!

The S9P Ergonomic Chair is an ideal chair specially designed for efficient work. According to the principle of ergonomics, it provides a full range of support, so that your body is in the best condition when working. Your lower back and back are always in the correct position so you can sit for long periods of time without fatigue and discomfort, keeping you productive and focused.

At the same time, the ergonomic chair also has a number of special designs. 4D adjustable armrest and seat height to meet different heights and work needs. The waist and head and neck support can also be adjusted freely to fit your body curve. The seat base with 360-degree swivel function allows you to turn around freely while working, improving work efficiency.
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