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We use TraceTogether on a day-to-day basis, but have you wondered how the development process was like? Generalist vs Specialist: Why shouldn’t we underestimate the value of generalists? Is it okay to be a jack of all trades? What are the working cultures at Silicon Valley and GovTech? Centralized or decentralized? Working for Government bodies – is there autonomy? How to overcome imposter syndrome? How do I deal with growth mindset as an engineer?

Many interesting questions were raised in this episode of our Q&A session. Let us hear from Joel Kek, Software Engineer from GovTech! Joel was part of a team who conceptualized TraceTogether, a digital system which the Government of Singapore implemented to facilitate contact tracing efforts in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Before joining GovTech, Joel was the Lead Engineer from PastureMap and the Lead Developer of Neurocern.

▬ Contents in this Video:
0:00 – Who’s Joel?
04:15 - Software is all about people
14:39 - How was Trace Together implemented?
20:21 - Working cultures at Silicon Valley and GovTech
27:03 - Considerations when choosing a tech stack
30:00 - Overcoming imposter syndrome
32:00 - The value of being a generalist
40:25 - Factors affecting recruitment and selection
44:49 - Where do project ideas come from?
47:20 - Who does the prototyping?
49:20 – Common questions from junior engineers
51:23 - Typical hiring processes
53:33 - Overcoming challenges for TraceTogether

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