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The Lovespoon Workshop: Live

A live demonstration from The Lovespoon Workshop. Demonstrating the process of wood carving. Today we share a demonstration of the methods we use for wood carving. Woodcarving is a fantastic craft to get involved with and we love to share the methods we use to help others to learn the skill of woodcarving. We use the Welsh love spoon to share the process of wood carving.

A live demonstration of wood carving, so remember to ask as many question as you have and share your own thoughts throughout this live woodcarving demonstration.

Wood carving tools are sharp and potentially dangerous if not used correctly. The methods we use focus upon minimising the dangers as much as physically possible.

Remember to check out our YouTube channel to learn all about the different projects and techniques you can use to learn how to make love spoons, use the scroll saw and develop your wood working skills in general.

If you have any questions about love spoon carving, scroll sawing, wood carving or need any help to learn or improve your wood work remember to put a comment in the comments section and we will do our best to help. We hope you enjoy the demonstration, it's a pleasure to share the work we do here at The Lovespoon Workshop.

For more information about our family workshop check out our website

For regular updates about the things we are doing find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by searching for The Lovespoon Workshop.

Remember to take care and ALWAYS ensure your own safety when working with wood working tools and machinery. If in doubt don't do it!!

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