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I just finished a five-year campaign for the Museum of Flight to build the Great was tired! Politics, greed and self-interest unfortunately seeped into the process , a sad by-product that was not of my design!
The campaign I created,"For Future Generations" in 1983 for Wilson ,
CEO of the Boeing was very successful and then used by the museum
and a special large development group.
Before the group was completly upto speed,I ran the Boeing Company
employee Museum of Flight campaign that was company wide,we reach over 140 employees,even our employess in Europe in Asia! We asked for a a five-years payroll deduction from all levels of the company, it was an intense effort,The Boeing corporate office thinking that the employees would not give that much made a commitment that they would match the employee contribution to the Museum of Flight? When we successfully raised over six million dollars , .Wilson was pleasantly surprised,Wilson reinforced his commitment to follow through on the campaign to make sure the employee's funds were spent appropriately! Boeing orporate changed their perspective on what they would match for the employee campaign, they recommitted million but politics and an individual's incompetence (RB) prevented them receiving that commitment for almost 4 more years!
After the success of the Boeing Employee campaign things really took-off,
one of our strategies in the future was to combine and dove-tail Museum events and activities with the genral campaign to get maximum visibility!
Museum of Flight membership double in size, the Museum membership department was one of the first to receive the fri,nge benefits of the communications we had with the Boeing was when I signed up to became a lifetime Museum of Flight Barnstormer. member.
At that time somebody felt that Wilson needed a engineer to communicate with him,on the on going campaign status ,somebody's felt creative people we're not disciplined enough to update Wilson(BB&DT)!
That was Bullshit, we had already developed the text message and a campaign theme,logo art and two videos and the campaign had successfully taken-off headed to it's final destination.
I will say two things that are very important,One, the CEO of the Boeing Company (1943-1987) was well respected around the world,he has one individual that can take credit for opening doors not only for the museum campaign but in developing new relationships that would be beneficial to the museum down the road!
Two,Howard Lovering the Museum of Flight director at the time was
brilliant and a visionary on developing a master plan for the Museum of Flight for it's times ,was difficult to work with but aren't we all?
.,will not talk to me anymore (Sob!) because I was critical of his girlfriend now his wife trying to take credit for working on the Museum of Flight campaign! That person never worked at the museum period because she was disruptive and spoiled! ( her photo in the Museum of Flight book For Future Generations is misleading) That is the truth,.
They brought on an engineer (JJD), 'D" for dickhead who was ruthless.
empathic.,narcissists may fake it, but still essentially see others as pawns in their egocentric universe.!While I'll created the material for meetings and special events, like updating the charts for , "Dickhead
worked on monograms for r his personal estate for me to produce final artwork, he took Ground School to fly ,flying lessons on company time.
( his wife refused to go up in the airplane with him) and forced me to do personal errands for him after work!
JJ"D" wanted everything in a hurry and never signed for anything!
Pople were talking that I was a poor planner because I always wanted everything in a hurry and coul never use , Wilson's name!
I fially told JJ"D" I was going to leave the project and he could run
it himself!
I told him what people were telling me every day! "McMillen the Boeing company builds airplanes NOT museums "and your requests have a low priority!
I told "dickhead" that speed causes friction and there was managers
from the motion picture and TV unit were trying to fire me,why,I was
not a film producer even though I was doing it and that I was using
beta SP!
My work was always successful for my customers,that is why I survived working for Boing for 30 years and retired with a good pension.
JJ"D" Dickhead asked me tried to get me to do something that was unethical and would hurt the museum and I told him no!JJ"D" punished me by not giving me any recognition or raises (Ha!) for me at the end of the 7 year campaign.!
lI ove the museum that is why I put up with so muchI ,JJ"D" knew that !
So what is this got to do with a film I have here with Walter Cronkite?
I told my producer after everything we've all been through lets produce a film people will long remember! Walter is gone but still a
good 6 minutes look!
The Dream
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