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Live Ask Me Anything session. We answer all your questions and chat about the exciting new products and features coming to Teemill to help your store grow. That includes new AI mockup technology, new womenswear styles, email marketing tools and a new page builder for your website. Get involved in the conversation by sending us your feedback and suggestions through the Community Chats:

Intro: 0:00-3:51
Can you tell which photo is AI? Part 1: 3:52-8:55
Your questions: Pro visits to the factory; your own mockups; neck tags; future products; teenage sizing: 8:56-15:16
Can you tell which photo is AI? Part 2: 15:17-17:30
Your questions: Studio mockups for customers; designs across sizes; new SEO tools and bulk editing: 17:31-23:36
Can you tell which photo is AI? Part 3: 23:37-26:19
Your questions: Commenting on plugins and blogs, and our EU factory: 26:20-28:09
AI mockups reveal and launch: 28:10-36:27
Building your brand and telling your story through photography: 36:28-45:09
New womenswear and colours: 45:10-55:06
Your sustainability impact - tree planting, plastic recovery and the circular economy: 55:07-1:05:40
Your questions: Etsy integration and visibility on your orders: 1:05:41-1:08:41
Teemail and email newsletters (coming soon): 1:08:42-1:10:28
New page builder tool (coming soon): 1:10:29-1:11:22
Mixed product bundles now available: 1:11:23-1:12:00
Outro: 1:12:01-1:13:58
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