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Let’s uncover the insider secrets to crack your dream company.

This interview season, be prepared to give your best shot and ace your interview! Announcing a new series specifically focusing on preparation for interviews, tips and tricks and much more. And what can be more exciting than learning from one of the best in the industry? Every Sunday, we bring you one of the best in the industries and try to offer as much knowledge sharing as possible.

Apurva Patkeshwar, currently ML Engineer at Twitter, will be joining us this Sunday at 7 PM for a live AMA session. He has a wide range of experience under his belt from Amazon to Yahoo and Microsoft as well. He has cracked it all!
Make sure to block your calendars for this super-interesting session.

You can refer to our previous AMA's via this playlist:

PS: This video is not on behalf of Twitter but is an individual experience/at individual capacity.

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