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My name is Rasha Shrourou, and I am the content-creator of the leading female architecture channel on YouTube called ‘Surviving Architecture’. I help design students and young architects learn how to design buildings, how to create drawings, and enhance their visualization by sharing tips and tricks in the form of well-crafted tutorials. With 200,000 subscribers and over 6 million views, Surviving Architecture is a tremendous source of practical information on architectural drawing, visualizations, portfolios, sketchbook tours, rendering, and more.
I look forward to meeting you and welcome you to the workshop as you embark on learning about videography. This is an exciting workshop for architecture education, as we are moving into an online world where we are changing the norm and encouraging students to embrace different communication styles.
In this workshop, we will cover a lot of in-depth information about videos. You will learn how to create footage with a purpose, how to record media, and how to edit videos using various software. This might seem overwhelming, but do not worry. This workshop is about inspiring you more than anything. I want you to feel more creative and develop as a designer regardless of your field.
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