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We've created a series of State of .NET online events each focusing on a specific .NET topic. This installment looks at the recently announced Windows 11 operating system, and what it means for developers. Will your apps keep running? How do you take advantage of new features? What are the latest and greatest UI technologies to build for Windows 11? How to support the redesigned UI? What about those new Android apps that run right on Windows? What's the Windows Sybsystem for Linux (WSL) all about? How can I use the new Microsoft Store? These and many other questions will be answered by this event.

00:00 What is CODE
04:32 Introduction
12:40 A Look at Windows 11
16:04 The New Start Menu and Taskbar
22:00 The New Settings UI
24:35 Windows Explorer and UI Snapping
30:55 A UI Comparison
36:47 Refreshed Controls and XMAL Control Gallery
44:40 New Segoe UI Font
47:54 New Icons, New Microsoft Store, and Android Apps
56:47 Teams
59:30 Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)
01:03:40 New Developer Features in Edge
01:05:38 Visual Studio 2022, Windows Development
01:13:37 CODE Framework WPF
01:15:00 Photino
01:14:48 Developing Widgets
01:17:00 PWAs, WebView2, Single File Apps
01:18:55 MAUI
01:20:33 Blazor Overview
01:23:08 ARM64
01:24:25 Game Development in Windows 11
01:25:31 More from Microsoft
01:26:24 Ending
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