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What is your IoT device and wearable device’s competitive edge? schedule a FREE 30min consult with Multi -Innovation or Voler on

02:09 What is a competitive edge?
02:54 Kodak’s competitive’s edge and the mistake that cost them their market.
05:29 IBM’s competitive edge, what went wrong and how they lost the PC market
07:13 Netflix’s competitive edge and how they overthrew Blockbuster
09:18 Motorola’s competitive edge and how they control their market
12:34 Pharmaceuticals and how companies in this space get their competitive edge
14:23 Competitive edge for different IoT devices
14:24 Competitive edge for a neck alignment device
18:20 Competitive edge for a back pain relief device
21: 10 Competitive edge for a Hoverboard
30:34 What is the role of marketing in competitive edge?
44:19 How to create a competitive edge for your product, IoT and wearable devices

What have you put in place to eliminate the competition in your market for the long term? And how can you create a long term competitive edge for your IoT and wearable devices in Silicon Valley and everywhere else/

In this video, you will learn what you need to know about the competitive edge, why you need to create a competitive edge for your IoT wearable devices and Medical IoT devices, wherever you are,

Examples of companies (like IBM) who lost their market because they did not consolidate on their competitive edge and exactly how you can create a rock-solid competitive edge for your IoT product for the long term.

What you think is competitive edge may not be accurate. Here’s a list of what competitive edge truly is:
Competitive edge is all about your business’ differential returns.
Coming up with your competitive edge is not always easy
Your competitive edge is your protection.
You can use patents to create your competitive edge in your market
Your competitive edge is what is stopping someone else from solving the problem your product is solving and compete with you in the market
Your competitive edge delivers experiences and prevents everybody else from delivering that experience using similar or other tools.
The competitive edge will help you own the experience your wearable and IoT devices provide. Not just the technology.
Competitive edge should not be considered narrowly. It must be considered broadly.
The goal of a competitive edge should be long term.

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