Silent Servant - Utopian Disaster (End)

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Artist: Silent Servant
Album: Negative Fascination
Label: Hospital Productions
Year: 2012

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On the first official full length album from Silent Servant, long-time followers will feel the effects of a die cast over a decade of precision and dedication to underground minimalist electronic music. DJ and one of the founding producers of the Sandwell District label, Juan Mendez filters his interpretations of early post-punk through the monolithic works of Basic Channel and blends them with a progressively nihilistic vision of Industrial. He utilizes a relentless and uncompromising mastery of hard-as-nails sequencer techno at the forefront with dystopian atmospherics filling the void. Negative Fascination bridges disparate factions on ideological grounds, regardless of sound in the age of mutation.

SYNONYMS: ambitious, abstract, fanciful, imaginative, youthful ideal, imaginary, unattainable, mythical, spiritual | | See also: absurd, crazy, impossible, unreasonable, impossible, crazy, unreal, mental, theoretical, fantastic, fabulous, illusory, extravagant, bizarre, utopian, idealistic, naive, non-existent, philosophical, speculative, emblematic, intrinsic, symbolic Antonyms: concrete, feasible, likely, real, realistic, material | | See also: true, of course, justified, true, achievable, feasible, possible, reachable, realizable, simple, feasible, effective, existing, tangible, visible, practical, ground, earth ground.

IN PHILOSOPHY, a drawing of a perfect society, projected in a space-time indefinite, in which men should be able to make a living entirely happy.

ESTENS: In. current aspiration or hope generous but often impractical: it is hope to make it.

Cutting image and idea of: TheQuentiZoa.
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