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Andrew Fitzgibbon is a partner researcher at Microsoft in Cambridge, UK. Find out more about him at

Humans of AI: Stories, Not Stats is an interview series with AI researchers to get to know them better as people. We don't talk about AI or their work or the stats of their life like what college they went to. They share what they think about, what they are insecure about, what they get excited about. They share the stories of their day-to-day life.

All interviews in the series are available at

The host of this episode is Dhruv Batra, an Associate Professor in the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech and a Research Scientist at Facebook AI Research (FAIR). Find out more about him at ~dbatra/ or follow him on Twitter

This interview was recorded on 28th March 2021.

This interview is available as a podcast episode at

Edits and timeline annotations thanks to Mukul Khanna and Varshini Subhash

00:00 Opening
00:46 Formula One Racing
03:11 Introduction
03:47 What were you doing just before this call?
04:36 What is your daily routine like?
08:20 What is the favorite part of your day?
08:48 What is the least favorite part of your day?
11:02 Do you set an alarm in the morning?
12:02 Are you a planner or do you operate on gut-feeling?
17:05 Are you competitive?
19:51 Is there a rejection or a failure that hurt particularly bad?
23:35 Is there an achievement or a success that felt particularly good?
25:21 How do you usually make difficult decisions? Are there certain lines of thinking or mental frameworks you use?
26:52 Do you have an internal monologue? Do you talk to yourself? If yes, in what language?
30:04 Are you a visual thinker?
32:24 What do you tend to think about most when you are not intentionally trying to think about something?
33:38 How do you recharge or take a break?
35:12 Are you happy with the number of close friends you have?
36:45 What are you insecure about?
37:30 Do you think you are average, above average, or below average happy than people around you?
42:12 What is something surprising about you? Something the rest of us might not guess.
44:05 What is one thing about the world that surprises you?
47:32 What do you strongly suspect but have no proof of?
48:51 What is something you've changed your mind about?
54:15 How do you imagine your retirement?
56:20 Do you think about the future much (say on a 5-10 year scale)?
58:15 When do you think the world will open back up?
01:02:48 Do you think there is a point to life, our existence?
01:03:58 What do you find meaning in?
01:04:26 What is some of the best advice you've gotten or given?
01:07:27 Why did you agree to do this interview with me?
01:08:23 Is there anything you'd like to talk about in terms of who you are, what your life is like, that we didn't cover?
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