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A Michigan Robotics Colloquium, hosted by the Robotics Graduate Student Council (RGSC), was held on July 27, 2021 about assistive technologies.

1:46 Special guests Hannah and Shane Burcaw, of Laughing at My Nightmare, talked about how they utilize assistive technology in their lives and the problems that they still encounter.

29:26 Michael Gonzalez, PhD student, talked about his work in bringing sensory feelings back to people who use upper limb prosthetics.

44:53 Brad Saund, who recently defended earning his Robotics PhD, talked about the inspiration for his work in robot arms, the problems that still exist in making robot arms intelligent and how they can 'see' by touching objects, and the simple hurdles that can still be solved.

55:52 Professor Ben Kuipers brought out the Vulcan wheelchair, which can navigate through a crowd autonomously, and discussed the lines between human control and fully autonomous machines, and where they meet.

1:10:19 Q&A

This event was organized by Andrea Sipos and Michael Gonzalez.

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