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The Awakening Project Presents its 4th Exciting Panel Discussion:

'Re-evaluating the vision and role of Regional Federations in the Khoja community today’

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By the grace of God, we are honoured to present to the worldwide Khoja community an insightful panel discussion with three of our respected regional federation councillors from the UK, North America & Australia. They discuss their experiences of serving COEJ, NASIMCO and the Federation of Australasian Communities (FAC) and their relationships with jamaats and the World Federation of KSIMC. The regional federation councillors that participated were:

Saeeda Jiwa (UK), councillor of the World Federation & councillor of COEJ & chair of Khawateen Board

Mohammedarif Jagani (Toronto), councillor of the World Federation & Secretary General of NASIMCO

Hussein Hussein (Sydney), councillor of the World Federation & Inaugural President of FAC 2014 to 2020

The three leaders above gave their much-appreciated time, honesty and sincere reflections on the following issues:
• Why they decided to serve the community as regional federation councillors and leaders
• The demographics and achievements of their regional federations
• The key challenges facing regional federations with respect to recognising the voice of women in community decision-making
• Rethinking the most effective structure for regional federations to operate with jamaats and the World Federation
• Re-evaluating the need and role of regional federations in the 21st century
• Views of the recent presidential election for the World Federation 2020 and the role of the President’s Strategic Subcommittee (PSS)
• Whether or not jamaat, regional and World Federation decision-making include grassroots voices
• How to make our community processes more transparent and accountable
• Their advice for future leaders and volunteers
Click on the above YouTube link to benefit from their enlightening discussion.

May God bless the panellists and all leaders and volunteers who serve our community for the pleasure of Allah ().

With Salaams and Du'as,

Dr. Sibtain Panjwani

Founder of the Awakening Project for the KSIMC
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