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Shout out to the team for hosting my visit to this one of a kind project. For appointment arrangements, do contact the team directly via:
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Phone : 019 - 7032222

I gotta be honest, I would never expect Batu Gajah to be such an exciting town. Right next to the KTM station, there's this new shopping destination Silver Lakes Village Outlet that is such an amazing architecture on it's own. The economics of the town has also changed ever since CRCC established their office here.

Separated by a brand new highway, Spanish Garden is right opposite the shopping outlet. You'll be greeted by several stone elephants which directly means Batu Gajah in malay language. The site is just beautiful which the abundance of water body around.

With flavours of Spanish architecture, the earlier launches has been well received by the locals. I'm very surprised with the application of double height volume along with air well in a terrace house. It's immediately opens up the space however it does comes with maintenance issues. The lack of principal bathroom upstairs was really weird for me too.

My greatest concern would be the land right in front of the project. If everything turns out in accordance to plan, it would most likely be that new commercial area for the town. That will directly impact this project in terms of noise and construction but it would be great for value appreciation.
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