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Here we are! My Lotus Elise 111r (2ZZ Engine) has got its first modification: New Wheels and Tires! Let me Show you this awesome set of Wheels and Tires I chose for the car! WARNING! Its not your usual Lotus Wheels! Enjoy & Follow me on Instagram: @jesse_yaroo

Let the Fun begin! I've gotten my hands on some brand new Wedssport TC105X Wheels with Yokohama AD08RS Tires, with what I'd like to say close to "ideal fitment". Just the right poke without ruining aerodynamics with wheels sticking out and creating excess drag.

I've weighed all the parts. The rims are extremely light, that was to be the final results are not as I

Here is the structure of the Video:

0:00 Intro
1:13 My Choice of Wheels, Wedssport TC105X Front 16x7 & Rear and Yokohama AD08RS
2:20 Weight Check and Comparison with Stock Wheels/Tires
5:36 Contradictory
7:49 New Wheels installation
9:52 Visual comparison, Stock Wheels with Spacers, compared to new setup (TC105X with AD08RS, NO Spacers)
10:35 Walk around and fitment analysis & explanation
12:34 Visuals and final result of the setup
14:32 Final Conclusion

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Make sure to follow this project car. I am debating on what is should call it. Maybe "Project half-blood", what do you think? Next video will surely be a run and extensive test the new wheel setup on my favorite "Budou Touge"

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