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Permitting a solar energy project comes with necessary regulatory approval and paperwork. In Virginia, there is a concerted effort underway by the Commonwealth to streamline the solar permitting process and combine state agency resources to facilitate solar projects so as not to get in the way of the burgeoning renewable energy boom, without compromising Virginia's obligation to ensure public safety and environmental health.

During the 2021 Virginia Solar Summit, three agency experts from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, Erin Belt, Rex Robichaux and Mary Beth Major, gave a timely update on Virginia's effort to simplify the solar project permitting process, including a brand new website that collects and centralizes the Commonwealth's information and resources.

Did you miss the most substantive solar energy development event of 2021? Curious about the other incredibly illuminating content at the 2021 Virginia Solar Summit? Re-watch the entire 3-day virtual 2021 Virginia Solar Summit from beginning to end on YouTube below:

Watch the Day 1 AM program:

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Watch the Day 2 AM program:

Watch the Day 2 PM Program:

Watch the Day 3 AM program:

Watch the Day 3 PM Program:

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