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00:02 What is instructional / learning design?
01:42 Learning design Uber skillset
04:00 The Latin America team
09:12 A typical project
22:29 How did I get here?
28:48 The recruitment experience
32:41 Drivers and challenges for 2015-2018
40:58 Life at Uber
44:16 My current guiding principles and what's next?
46:12 We're hiring / how to reach me

13:19 What’s your workflow for dealing with product changes when they affect a course?
16:03 Do you use the ADDIE model?
16:39 Working with external course content creators or SMEs?
18:40 How do you measure the success of your learning design?
20:19 Do you go back and look at how effective existing courses are?
26:27 Where did you do your master's in education / e-learning?
27:00 Any advice for applying for instructional design jobs abroad?
31:23 What is the learning culture at Uber now?
39:49 How did you find it over covid?
42:58 Sounds like a big company so maybe hierarchical?
47:35 What would you think government could do differently in this space?
This talk was originally hosted 13 July 2021

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Links to Lis' resources can be found here:
E-Learning Heroes -
Articulate Apps -
Storyboard Template -
Thinking about getting into learning/instructional design? Curious about what it's like to work in one of the world’s largest ride-sharing companies? Or dreaming of a work experience in Latin America?

Lis Alvarado, a Massey alumni, is currently leading a learning design team at Uber Latin America HQ. Join us as she shares her ride through the learning design field at Uber, what led her there, and her experience breaking into the tech industry.

More about Lis:
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