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Nudge Camp is a 3-day introductory workshop to Behavioral Science conducted by Shaastra Mind Trials in association with India Behavioural Economics Network(IBEN) as a part of its flagship Behavioural Impact Case Study Competition ‘NUDGE-IT’.

This video features two behavioral scientists from different corners of the globe speaking about the application of behavioral science and how significantly it has impacted the world we live in on Day 3 of the workshop.
The first speaker, Ms. Preeti KS is the Behavioural Science Lead at Grab, the leading ride-hailing, and mobile payments app in South East Asia. She has set up the behavioral practice at the company, helping product and design teams understand customer behavior and build better products.
Whereas Ms. Ceren Koca is a behavioral economist and the Senior Strategy and Insights Lead at Google Canada, and prior to which she had been a manager at PwC's Behavioural Economics Practice in Canada. She has conducted over 30 applied behavioral science projects in a variety of industries, from financial services, health care, donations, and more.

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00:00 Introduction
02:20 Preeti KS Talk
3:26 Role of BS in tech companies
4:09 BS in the product process
8:26 User research in early product process
11:02 BS in tandem with design
13:05 Making the data work
15:03 Marketing to the right insights
17:50 Process used to employ behavioural insights
23:38 Experiments run based on principles
25:31 Ceren Koca Talk
28:21 Searches- Honest indicators of human intent
31:38 Importance of "FOR" searches
32:30 Case study- Analysis of the Opioid crisis-related searches in Canada
43:43 Impact of interventions
44:29 Implications for policy makers and strategy developers
46:15 QnA session
47:16 Getting into the field
51:59 Approaching societal vs. business problems
56:00 Ethics
1:00:10 Gaining experience in the field
1:03:15 Collecting data for surveys
1:04:47 Nudging in rural areas
1:06:45 Defining a problem statement
1:09:30 Gaining experience through degrees
1:12:50 Emphasis on BS, growth in the field
1:15:41 Internship opportunities
1:18:27 Tech oriented solutions vs behavioural interventions
1:22:50 Going the logical route vs peripheral route
1:26:30 Monitoring interventions
1:29:06 Conclusion
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