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John and Emily Bass no longer needed a formal living room in their home, so Danny and Chelsea converted it into a multipurpose room that will better serve their family.

00:00 Today's Homeowner - Introduction
00:32 Multipurpose Makeover - Introduction
01:03 Looking at the Living Room
04:14 Building Cube Organizers
05:20 Using PVC Pipes to Extend your Handles (Simple Solutions)
05:45 Installing the New Light Fixture
06:45 Building a Chalkboard/Corkboard
10:00 Installing the New Light Fixtures
11:00 Cleaning the Old Chairs
11:45 The Reciprocating Saw (Best New Products)
12:50 Getting Started on the Display Shelf
14:40 Installing the Display Cabinet
15:00 Installing the Rest of the Details
16:05 Finishing Up the Multipurpose Room
17:29 Before & After Multipurpose Makeover
19:06 Conclusion & Credits

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