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In less than 30 minutes you'll learn how you can use Microsoft Power Apps to build professional desktop and mobile applications without having to know a traditional programming language. Power Apps is part of the Microsoft Power Platform suite of tools. It uses a simple, drag and drop interface along with Excel-like functions to enable you to build apps without having to write traditional code. This beginner's guide to Power Apps gives you the foundational knowledge you need to get started and shows you the tools you'll need to get developer accounts and resources to learn more.

In this video you'll learn:
✅ What Power Apps is
✅ The different types of Power Apps we can build (Canvas Apps, Model Driven and Portals)
✅ What license you need to use Power Apps
✅ How to get a FREE Developer Environment set up for Power Apps
✅ How to build a canvas app from an Excel Workbook
✅ How to build a Model Driven App

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