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The Pervasive Media Studio is a partnership between Watershed, UWE Bristol and University of Bristol.

Uncertainty is a critical truth in creative endeavours, fundamental to building great teams, technologies, products, and leaders. We will examine tools and examples from the design and creation of iPhone and its cameras in service of harnessing uncertainty in forward-looking work.

For this lunchtime talk, we will be joined by meriko borogove. meriko is a technologist, designer, photographer, and troublemaker. She spent 22 years at Apple inventing the media, gaming, and ML( machine learning) technologies that are at the heart of many of our tools and art today. She was a founding member of the iPhone team, and was responsible for building the iPhone cameras – changing photography and videography across the globe.

Today meriko works and plays with studios, companies, and creatives who push the boundaries of technology in the service of art and justice.

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About the Watershed and the Pervasive Media Studio

Watershed is a three-screen cinema in Bristol UK showing independently produced films from Britain and beyond. We are also a centre for art and creative technology: home to the Pervasive Media Studio, where artists, technologists and academics work on projects and products at the cutting edge of art, science and digital. The Studio is a collaboration between Watershed, The University of West England and Bristol University.

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