LED table lamp ColorWay Portable & Flexible with built-in battery White white (CW-DL06FPB-W)

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Gipfel [CPS] Ru
Colorway portable LED lamp with built-in battery. The elegant compact design of the lamp with flexible stem and built-in battery makes the lamp truly portable and easy to use as well as carry in your bag. Built-in battery provides from 2 to 5 hours of battery life. You don't need any additional special adapters to connect and charge the lamp, just connect it to a source equipped with a USB connector: a computer, a laptop, a charger for your smartphone or PowerBank. It's as easy as charging your phone, that’s what makes it truly mobile! Touch sensor switch is for silent switching on and dimming control. Setting of minimal brightness makes possible to use the lamp as a night light. 14 LEDs provide uniform light dispersion without glare and strobe.
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