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Season Two of Leadership Life Stories examines Disney leadership as The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida celebrates its 50th anniversary.

In this episode, hosts Rebecca Morgan and Adams introduce themselves to listeners, discuss their leadership philosophies, and consider the impact that The Walt Disney Company has had on the leisure and entertainment industry as well as on their own careers as leadership consultants. Is Disney leadership a big deal? Tune in, listen, and decide for yourself.

03:09 -- Leadership philosophies and why Disney leadership is a big deal
07:08 -- The Self Awareness Quiz; hosts share backstories
18:56 -- WDW Insider Free Association; Disney leadership through the decades
23:00 -- The greatest accomplishment; hosts define success
25:27 -- Hosts share their greatest adversity stories
32:19 -- Leader’s best advice, hosts introduce each other

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Host -- Rebecca Morgan,
Host -- Adams,
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Creator -- Adams
Executive Producer -- Gerard Mitchell
Audio Design -- Michael Orlowski
Mixing and Editing -- Manni Simon
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