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Shanti Business School, Ahmedabad organized the mega event SBS – GWFM HR Leaders Summits`21 on 21st August 2021 on the topic
“One Step Ahead: Realigning HR when future becomes reality”. The event was an intellectual discourse of the top HR practitioners of the industry on the metamorphosis of HR in the current times and how it has realigned to make the workplace future-ready.
The event attended by +100#HR Professionals from different sectors and +300 management students
20+ CHROs and senior HR leaders from different sectors delivered the 2 keynote address and 3 panel discussionswhich captivated the audience.
Dr. Neha Sharma, Director Shanti Business School, conceptualized and was the motivation behind the event.
The welcome address was given by Prof. KGK Pillai, Executive Registrar Shanti Business School. He lauded the Academia and Industry collaboration to benefit the management education.
Dr. Augustus Azariah,Associate Director, Human Resource, IBMwas the keynote speaker for the eventand his extremely erudite oration on the topic Building agile environment: the future of workplace gave insights of how future workplace are getting digitized and are evolving. He said that tolerance to failure and fade fast are the norms of survival in current disruptions and this a model well accepted by the unicorns today. One should learn from mistake and move ahead. He stressed on the importance of #up skilling.
The event hosted by SBS Ahmedabad was to provide a platform to thebudding managers to interact with HR community and develop better insights
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