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Splitting your company network in two, streaming live telemedicine across continents and oceans, quadrupling the capacity of remote teleworking due to a pandemic, rush delivery of additional bandwidth to migrate email servers in the cloud—these are just examples of the challenges our speakers have overcome in the last few years. Digital transformation isn’t just a buzzword. In today’s world, businesses need to be ready to respond to these opportunities and threats to ensure companies’ smooth operation.

Rapid response in handling a new demand: Airvance Group had to perform on short term a migration towards Office 365 with TBs of data. The project team had to quickly combine legacy MPLS with 4G connectivity to deliver expected bandwidth.

In this webinar, we bring in an IT expert who has used flexible network architecture, different WAN configurations and other tools to accelerate the digital transformation in his organisation, meeting the company’s objectives. We will also cover the expectations and evolutions related to the recent introduction of 5G technology.

Joris Van den broeck, Group IT Infrastructure Architect of Airvance Group tells his story and answers questions about their digital transformation. Hosted by Venn Telecom, Joris will explore topics related to his specific company challenges:
- Separation of network in the UK from the main MPLS following a separation of the company division
- Roll out of the network separation to the French offices
- Migration of the legacy software and hardware for the split
- Office 365 migration
- Implementation of traffic routing optimization
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