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Subscription-Based Pricing:-
Technology is driving the need for subscription billing because it has rendered several steps in the delivery of bookkeeping services obsolete or ineffective. Take into account bank reconciliations and coding. That service used to take a lot of time and effort. However, most businesses now digitally capture and code bank transactions.

Reconciling bank accounts takes little time or effort, and the service is not valuable. Tax preparation and audit sampling are following in the footsteps of technology, which is destroying the old business model for many CPA firms.

Collecting fees is difficult because invoices often do not reach the client until the firm has completed the work, and the invoice may be higher than the client expected. Most professionals have worked on a project that required more hours or effort than was initially quoted, and they had to figure out how to add those extra hours to the bill.

Rather than charging clients after the work is completed, why not charge a flat monthly fee that covers all of your work for the entire year? In other words, offer your customers a subscription.

How to Get Started?
Here are seven steps:
Step 1: Service Levels Should Be Created
Step 2: Set the Price
Step 3: Implement Pilot Test
Step 4: Improvise and Perfect
Step 5: Communicate in Advance to the client
Step 6: Explain Rationale
Step 7: Expect some Resistance

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