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Beijing has offered, starting from the end of May, an extra 30 days of maternity leave to mothers who give birth to their third child. Southwestern Chinese city Panzhihua earlier announced subsidies of 500 yuan a month for each second or third child until the child turns three. These are some of the follow-up measures to encourage young couples to have more children after China introduced a third-child policy in 2021 to raise the fertility rate. So, how is the policy being promoted, and how effective will it be in dealing with China's demographic challenges?

In the , the Biden administration has informed Congress of a proposed $750 million weapons sale to Taiwan, which has been strongly criticized by China's foreign ministry. With the relations at a historical low, this move is likely to further inflame tensions between Washington and Beijing. What is the attitude of the Biden administration over Taiwan? And how will this arms sale affect stability across the Taiwan Strait?

A new study was carried out by the Department of Agriculture, which detected coronavirus antibodies in wild deer populations in four states. The antibodies in the serum samples suggest that the deer had contracted the virus, and their immune systems fought the infection. Why? How did the deer contract the coronavirus?

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