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We’ll talk about the basics of how to approach the producing events (virtual or physical). What do you need to think about? How do you approach it?

Office Hours for Sept 24, 2021 - Office Hours 549
00:00 Intro
00:45 Please recommend a set of small cameras with HDMI outputs that will work with ATEM Mini Extreme.
03:58 Adam Tow just released the "OSC Extravaganza" update for Mix Effect. What interactions between programs like Isadora and Mix Effect would be fun to explore? Auto-cut based on presence?
05:56 Smart lighting - If I'm starting from scratch, what system should I buy into?
08:23 After Hours often has some jewels of info. For those that have FOMO, what have been some highlight moments?
11:05 Has anyone experienced AI camera systems such as Pixellot?
11:23 Audio Hijack is crashing on the Apple  M1 when adding any audio input device, anyone else having this issue?
12:47 What convention do you prefer for labeling audio/video/network cables?
19:08 With new iPhones and iPads coming today (and some people with lots of Mac mini’s) how do panelists manage device limits and Apple IDs? (Do you have multiple accounts or something else?)
20:22 What’s the basic recommended setup for a new user of a Flow8?
21:45 I'll be building out a new home office in a couple months. If I add a ceiling grid, what kind of grid and accessories should I be looking at?
25:33 For Hyperdeck playout with a specific cue point, what is best practice for starting? Autoroll? Macro?
26:55 DMX Question: What DMX interface to people recommend for "simple" (OH style) home office zoom set up Mac to control 3-5 Godox TL60 tube lights with RJ45 DMX connectors? I want to change my lights via companion.
28:17 Has anyone experienced video-tearing, or even increasing latency, on the Feelworld monitors?
30:27 What are some ways to get a stereo in-ear monitor feed, and a microphone return feed, to talent over a single-cable wired connection - up to 20ft? For bonus points - giving the talent local volume control and a mute switch?
34:39 What setup does the panel recommend for having a second Mac computer setup as a webcam as another participant in zoom meetings? ( the loudness meters in OH)
35:40 Is there a way to speed up a 2012 MacBook At this time only using for AH, extremely slow!
36:51 What are panelists current OS versions on the majority of their production Macs? Big Sur? Catalina? Does it change if it's Intel vs. M1?
39:45 What lighter-weight software would you recommend on macOS for mapping specific MIDI note numbers/continuous control messages to specific OSC messages?
40:15 One example of sound/visual delay discussed in a group I'm in was "seeing the drummer hit a drum on a projection screen (in a large venue/festival) and hearing it later." How do you compensate for this when cutting a concert or other music event?
41:37 When building communities and bringing people together, what tips do you have for managing (and preventing as best as possible) conflicts?
48:08 When you have to use an iphone for a remote guest. Is there a bluetooth mic / inear that will work? Most have bad mics or using others you cannot have a two way conversation.
51:54 Have the panelists ever attended an event as a guest or a client, but had to step in to assist with the AV? Would love to hear your stories.
58:55 When there is a technical problem on a is there a critical decisions grid to help a producer know "the ground is coming up to fast" and a decision has to be made to move on?
1:00:00 Producing 101 (More questions in comments)

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