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Finally! An Unbiased advisor to walk you through your building construction project.

Hi, I’m Rebecca Calbert, and I wanted to go over with you how I got started on the Save on Building courses. Why they exist. Who they're for, and what they can do to help you with your building project.

When I got started as an architect, I worked for large firms designing and managing large-scale projects with fully staffed development teams. On every single project there would be developers, architects, engineers, clients, and investors all working together as a collective whole. When we discussed the feasibility of a project or the design elements of a project, there were no less than 10 to 12 people in the conference room at any given time.

If you can imagine all 10 of those people came to the table with decades of experience behind them. All having learned a variety of skills from their previous development and construction experiences. All 10 people coming together to make a successful project out of the one we were currently working on.

To be honest, I didn’t realize how I took all of that collective knowledge for granted until I switched the type of clientele that I was working with.

I switched from working with large scale developers to small business owners when I went out on my own. With the first childcare client that a started working with, things were moving along as “normal” until I got the completed permit set of drawings ready to go. I emailed the set of drawings over to the client and I said, “Here you go! Here's your permit set.”

Then he answered back, “What do I do with this? Who does the permitting? How does that work? I thought you were going to do it.”

His response was a big shock for me! Not only did my client not really understand the permitting process, he had not set in place anyone to permit the building for him.

He had never heard of a permit expediter.

He didn't know if he could do himself.

He thought I was going to do it.

It was a big eye-opener for to me to realize how little my client knew about what he was doing.

And so, it goes! Over the course of the subsequent years, I've been filling in the blanks for my clients depending on what they know and what they don't know. Educating them on an "as needed" basis.

When talking to fellow architects, I realized that I was one of the very few that were taking the time to do this which with each one of their clients.

The reason more professionals don’t take the time to explain every detail is that we are all also small business owners.

As small business owners ourselves, we have thin profit margins and high overhead. When a design professional signs up with a client to do a certain amount of work. It’s assumed that the client is already educated and therefore no extra time is allotted to “hand hold”.

As a result, our industry has really gotten a bad rap on communicating to clients and educating
clients. And for good reason.

We really come across, as a general industry, as taking advantage of our clients.

If I say to my client. “Hey, I really think that if you want to add that extra classroom, it would be better to add it on now. It would be more cost effective.”

But in the back of my client's mind he's thinking, “That's great! Of course, she thinks that. Because that means her fee is going to go up if I say yes.”

And he’s right. My fee as an architect will go up if my client decides on a larger building.

That’s all it takes to plant the seed of a doubt and distrust in the back of my client's mind.

Even if I've built a trustworthy relationship with them over the previous months. They still know in the back of their mind that this advice may be self-serving to me.

And this is where the idea for Save on Building comes in.

This removes the conflict of interest!

I look at the Save on Building courses like having a friend out on a golf course or a tennis court or wherever you hang out and socialize. Where it's somebody that's walking around with you all day that has 30 years of experience and is just hanging out and giving you unbiased advice.
They have nothing to win or lose from telling you how it is.

And that's what I want Save on Building to be for you.

I want it to be unbiased advice on the commercial real estate development process, soup to nuts!

Unbiased advice on how much time it will take and how to make smart decisions.

Because there is no universal right or wrong decision. It really is what's right or wrong for you, for your location, for your particular project, and for your available finances.
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