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In this episode of The Product Design Podcast, Seth Coelen interviews Eric Lobdell, who leads the design systems at Facebook. He lives in Oakland, California, in the Bay Area, and he is a typography enthusiast.

During our interview with Eric, he shares several specific ways that product designers can manage a long-term career in the industry. From getting started to staying relevant and leading large design systems teams, we have collected great pieces of knowledge from him in this episode.

So happy to have you join us today!

00:00 Introduction
01:39 How Eric Lobdell became interested in product design
03:18 The leap to leading the Facebook design systems at Facebook
07:20 From Myspace glitter to Facebook - filling in the middle of Eric's career
09:17 Share your work, do good work and figure things out along the way
13:56 How the day-to-day looks for Eric
15:35 Learning and growing while finding the work environment that suits you best
17:25 Finding the balance of slow-moving big corp and quick-moving startups
19:49 The highs and lows of Eric career path
24:36 Advice on how to land an awesome job as a product designer
30:53 Eric's interest in typography and how that expanded his network
38:58 What Eric would be doing if he wasn't leading design systems at Facebook
40:42 Managing massive design systems back in the day

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