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In this episode of In Query, we discuss the Computer Engineering program at the University of Waterloo with Keith Choa.

Keith is currently a second-year Computer Engineering student at the University of Waterloo. He recently moved here from the Philippines and he has long-term career goals of working in tech.


This episode is the seventh in our #TechAfterHighSchool focus series. Each episode in this 8 episode series will showcase a different tech program in a Canadian university. Make sure to follow us to stay in the loop!

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Waterloo Co-op Dates
CE at Waterloo


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0:00 - Intro & Background

University Degree
1:39 - What is Computer Engineering?
2:12 - How is Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo?
4:27 - Why did you choose Computer Engineering at Waterloo?
5:45 - What type of student would you recommend this program to?
6:39 - How can students learn the difference between Computer Engineering and Computer Science?

Campus Life at Waterloo
7:51 - How has your experience been at the University of Waterloo?
9:19 - How does staying at a university college work?
11:08 - Do you recommend incoming students to live on campus?
12:34 - How was living in university college compared to living off-campus?
13:33 - Would you have any advice for students who are looking to live off-campus?
14:43 - What sort of clubs are you currently involved in?
17:06 - What are the requirements for someone who is looking to join these design teams?
17:19 - Are these teams limited to students in engineering?

Academics at Waterloo
18:11 - How would you describe the academics at Waterloo?
19:12 - Does the IB program help in university?
20:57 - Were there any other benefits of the IB program?
21:37 - How was the transition from high school to university?
22:19 - What kind of courses did you do in the first year?
24:41 - Do you have any general advice for students who are looking to get into this program?

Co-op Education at Waterloo
26:11 - How would you describe finding co-ops through the university?
27:44 - Did the University of Waterloo provide you with resources and help?
28:44 - What is the typical timeline for applying to coop in your program?
29:42 - With a co-op, are you limited to just applying through the school's portal?

30:13 - What were some of your co-op experiences?
31:50 - Do you have any advice for students going into their first co-op term?
32:35 - What sort of jobs do students from the Computer Engineering program typically go for?
33:31 - Do you know where you want to head after graduation?
34:05 - Do you have any general advice for students going into a co-op?
34:21 - Given that everything shifted, are you currently completing your co-op online?
34:47 - What are the biggest differences between working in person and remotely?
35:28 - Do you have any tips on how to get over that struggle?

35:50 - Outro & Final advice
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