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PEC-Election 2021
Candidate Vice Chairman KP/GB region
Engr. Prof. Dr. Attaullah Shah
Vice Chancellor Karakoram International University GB
Vision and Mission:
- Revival of Professionalism in Engineering education and practice
Promote the role of PEC in responding to dynamically evolving Engineering profession in the globalized world.
Empowering the young Engineers through capacity building, higher education, research, job placement and involvement in decision making.
Involve all stakeholders of Academia, practitioners and contractors for the Socioeconomic development of the country and giving them dignity and respect.
Promoting culture of merit and transparency at all levels.
Develop Engineering professionals through imparting modern Knowledge skills and attitudes.
Providing direction to Government and industry as Think Tank and Change leaders.
Collaboration with international partners for achieving the SDGs through Engineering
- Former Vice Chancellor City University Peshawar
- Former SDO C&W department KP
- Former Director Projects and Planning Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad.
- Former Structural Engineer NEPAK Pvt. Ltd.
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