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Probuild x Jacobs Young Professionals Panel
Guests: Allison Monaghan, Fabiha Rahman, Alexandra Palmer, Jesse Chen

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---------- Contents of This Recording ----------
00:00 - Panellists' Backgrounds
01:49 - How did you choose what pathway to go down & was there any pivotal moments along the way?
11:28 - What would the advice be on how to find opportunities and how do you stay on top when dealing with multiple application at once and try to make each one unique?
19:57 - What was it like entering first job and what were the most challenging aspects?
28:40 - How to get the most out of internships? What is the biggest misconception when entered the industry?
42:11 - What skills would you recommend first and second years students to build to get an attractive CV for graduate roles?
43:40 - Does Uni marks have more of impact in landing graduate roles, or are there other elements that favour you more?
45:28 - Do you get to choose what projects you work on, or relocate in the industry?
48:14 - Celebrating big wins, with your team, with COVID around?
51:38 - Final Advice for transitioning to the workforce from the panellists
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