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Little Monday evening upload for you - thank you for sponsoring today's episode Felix Gray! This is a major example of why I love DIY'ing so much. Being able to cover Blaze’s unsightly crate but add functionality for not just myself but for my dogs is a win win. What DIY or build have you been thinking about attempting? Be sure to comment down below and maybe I can help out xx.

My Old Video About Pocket Holes: ’s Vertical Garden:
Lindsay’s Garage Makeover:
Ben French Cleat Storage System:
Modern Builds French Cleat + Plywood Closet:

…affiliate unless stated otherwise!
Pocket Hole Jig:
Power Drill + Battery Set:
Teak Oil:
Plywood Used: 3/4” Sanded Birch Veneer
Finishing Screws That I Like:
Wood Filler:
Wood Glue:
Nail Gun I Have (battery not included):
Linds Table Saw (not affiliate):
Orbital Sander + Battery:

00:00-01:58 What/Why We’re DIY’ing
01:58-02:43 Talking to My Dogs + Blaze Losing a Puppy Tooth
02:43-3:17 Gameplan
03:17-06:40 Building The Kennel Cover
06:40-07:58 Let Me Tell You About Felix Gray
07:58-08:22 Back to The Desert
08:22-09:44 French Cleat Wall for Dog Storage
09:44-11:06 Copper Tabletop Flash Flood + Power Outage
11:35-14:06 Power Coming Back On Then Off and On Again
14:06-15:30 Adding The Other Leg
15:30-16:03 Adding Dog Bowl Holders
16:03-17:26 Reveal
17:26-17:41 Outro

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