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#SaveSanSebastian #Conservation #Heritage

In this episode of #ConversationsOnConservation, our Executive Director Claire Vitug checks in on Ar. Melvin Patawaran, the lead architect of the restoration of San Sebastian Basilica. They get into the pursuit of the DNA of Filipino architecture, their common love for surfing (and their go-to surfing spots), and the winding road that connects the surf and San Sebastian.

This episode’s transcript is available to read and download:

In our #ConversationsOnConservation series, we’re getting to know more about the people behind the restoration of San Sebastian Basilica.

This series of conversations is part of our #WeLearnAsOne initiative, where we are committed to find new ways to bring San Sebastian to everyone.


Currently, the Foundation and the Order of Augustinian Recollects are jointly leading a campaign to #SaveSanSebastian and the community it serves in the face of a new condominium building to be constructed less than 100 meters away. These construction activities could affect the architectural and structural integrity of this heritage site and the nearby houses.

Read more about it in the Official Statement #1:

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