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Conversations on sport's growing power and values on global sustainability and solidarity. United Nations and the Asahi Shimbun join forces to showcase expert and influential voices at "SDG ZONE at TOKYO". This session highlights technologies, designs, and innovative initiatives that shift value and remove barriers to make sport accessible and more enjoyable for all.

Speakers are Ken Endo, CEO of Xiborg; Lucy Meyer, Spokesperson for the Special Olympics-UNICEF USA Partnership; and Tomohiro Sawada, Representative of World Yuru Sports Association and Copywriter. Moderator is Miyuki Hokugo, Staff Writer of Asahi Shimbun in charge of the SDGs Project. SDG ZONE at TOKYO is organized by the United Nations Department of Global Communications (DGC), United Nations Information Centre Tokyo (UNIC Tokyo), and the Asahi Shimbun Company as the first of the SDG Media Zone series organized fully by DGC’s office at the country level.
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