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Cycle Active City, Hosted by Landor LINKS LIVE, Wednesday 25th August.
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Political bravery – making the case to councillors and communities

00:00 Chair: Phil Jones, Director, PJA
02:17 Prof Peter Cox, University of Chester and co-editor, The Politics of Infrastructure
09:56 Cllr Anna Richardson, City Convener, Sustainability And Carbon Reduction, Glasgow City Council
15:51 Cllr Julian Bell, Ealing Council and Board Member, Transport for London
30:42 David Hughes, Constructing Excellence, Wales and Principal Engineer, City and County of Swansea
40:10 Robert Davis, Chair, Road Danger Reduction Forum
51:50 Q&A session

Kantar / DfT survey from November 2021 findings: Respondents overwhelmingly agreed that the government should act in local neighbourhoods to increase road safety (88%), improve air quality (86%),
reduce traffic congestion (83%) and reduce traffic noise (75%).

- So why are Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) so controversial?
- What additional powers might help local authorities implement LTNs and
Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plans?
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