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Wednesday 14 July 2021

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Global warming could reach ºC as early as 2030. And yet, despite the Paris Agreement and the ambitious decarbonisation pledges and targets being set by countries and corporates around the world, we are faced with decades of unavoidable climate change. This will have profound effects on agricultural systems, farming communities and supply chains. Preparing today for the changes that will occur tomorrow is essential if we are to limit the impacts of climate change on society.

Climate change is set to pose significant risks to cotton - the most widely produced natural fibre. But what exactly are the potential environmental and social-economic impacts of climate change on key cotton growing regions and the wider industry? What are the implications for producers, brands & retailers, cotton standards and the investor community? And how can the sector come together to use this information to develop responses that not only deliver rapid decarbonisation, but which also build resilience and address climate justice issues? 

Drawing on the first ever global analysis of physical climate risks across global cotton growing regions for the 2040s () conducted for the Cotton 2040 initiative, this event explored the key findings and data from the research to help participants understand how climate change is likely to impact key cotton growing regions and the supply chains. With producers and industry actors, we looked at what these findings mean for their organisations, and what’s needed to respond to the challenge. 

Listen to this webinar to understand:
- Why staying below warming is so critical and what urgent adaptation planning needs to happen alongside climate change mitigation, in order to build resilience;
- What will be the environmental and social impacts of climate change on global cotton production? 
- How might climate change affect cotton producers, apparel brands, retailers and cotton standards? 
- What is the role of industry stakeholders in driving rapid decarbonisation, building resilience, and ensuring a just transition?
- How can you get involved in creating a future-fit and just cotton sector?
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