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Approximately 93% of roofs in the United States are not properly vented. With this statistic in mind, the primary purpose of this presentation is to educate roofing contractors, installers and inspectors on why proper roof and attic ventilation is important and how to inspect and design the system. In this course, we cover the science behind roof and attic ventilation, what the balanced system is, what the codes call for, the different types of products available to use in the system, and what proper ventilation design looks like in practical applications. After taking this course, we hope that participants will be able to properly design and implement better attic ventilation systems, better explain to homeowners how attic ventilation works, and ultimately build longer lasting roofs.

Learning Objectives: Participants will be able to…
o Understand why proper ventilation is important and what can happen when it is not done correctly
o Explain to homeowners the Balanced System with an equal balance between intake and exhaust venting
o Be able to calculate the needed and code-required amount of ventilation on any residential or multi-family project
o Design a ventilation system that provides even venting across the roof that meets the code and building requirements

Presenter is Nick Nobbe with Quarrix.
*originally aired September 15, 2021
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