Classical Servant of Evil [悪ノ召使] - Kagamine Rin & Len (Piano Synthesia)

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Thank you for participating in the poll (Go to my Community page to see what I'm talking about). Out of 320 voters :
295 answered "Purge this" (92%)
25 answered "Don't purge this" (8%)

Tbh, I was going to cancel the idea if the "No" reach 15%, but 8% won't cut it~

Still seeing 25 people says "No" got my concern.
May I hear your reason why "No?" I'll be very glad if you do :D


I made this arrangement 3 years 3 months ago for 1 million channel views special, and is still one of a work that I'm proud of up until this moment (unlike a certain most viewed video on my channel by today's date). That's why I include this (after being remastered) in the album "Aoryn Vol. 1."

This will be the last time I'm doing this purging stuff for now (I might do it again later, just not anytime soon). My next upload will hopefully next week, if not then next 2 weeks.

Just like last week, I've "Unlisted" the old version (you can only open the video if you have the link) out of my channel, but here's the link for you curious souls~

SHEET / 楽譜 :

Happy listening, and have a nice weekend :D

Original Composer : Akuno-P/mothy
Classical Arrangement : Tetoteto
Vocaloid : Kagamine Rin & Len

#ServantofEvil #悪ノ召使 #KagamineRinLen #Synthesia #Piano #Classical

reminiscence/id1172422256 . =

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