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This channel features the City of Auburn, Maine's government & school meetings that are held, broadcast and recorded at/from Auburn City Hall (typically in Council Chambers). On this channel, you can view: City Council, School Committee, Planning Board and other city committee/sub-committee meetings; as well as some community events, such as Auburn’s inauguration.

These meetings are held live at Auburn Hall, using the Zoom virtual meeting platform, or some combination of the two.

Comments for these meetings on YouTube have been disabled. If you would like to offer public comment or have a suggestion on any topic you've heard discussed during one of these meetings, there are several ways to do that:

For City Council or Planning Board meetings, you can:
• Send an email to comments@
• Use the electronic form found at the bottom of the City Council web page:
• Access the City’s website at: to search for a specific committee or department.
• Contact a specific City Councilor or the Mayor via our website:
For comments or more information on Auburn School Department-related meetings, visit
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