Car Door Handle Cup Protector

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Car Door Handle Cup Protector

Afraid of getting scratches on your handle cup? Worry no more! We got your handle cup covered with thisCar Door Handle Cup money and less worryfor any scratches and paint chipping. You will surely enjoy itsunique design and ’t leave any residue.
This protection film will keep your vehicle’s appearance by protecting its paint from chipping. scratching on your door handle paint. The protection film durable. suitable for any vehicle. With high viscosity and strong wear resistance. this film will surely give you peace of mind for your handle cup.

Through to the stealth
Drop glue material
high appearance level
true protection

Suitable for all types of vehicles– With its universal fitment. it can fit any type of vehicle including anti-collision. anti-scratch. suitable for multiple positions of the car body. tight fitting.

Drop glue material is resistant to aging– Strong wear. durable and scratch resistance. this will surely protect your handle cup 100%.It is not easy to deform. the sun will not yellow

Cost-saving– No more worrying about having your vehicle repainted. with this. you can save money and use it on other expenses instead.

Non-trace lamination – Strong viscosity. does not hurt the car paint. preferably car grade double-sided adhesive. stick firmly. does not hurt the car paint surface. no glue marks when removed.

Easy to install– Since it’s pre-cut. you can easily install it on your door cup handle.

Preferred soft PVC –Soft and boneless. instant rebound after impact. one body injection molding. deformation and fixation along with arc line.
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